AuthorUsha Raman

stupid woman


Toyed by conventional tide, A woman is cloyed, A battered woman Faces the force of society, Soaked in false sanity, A balance sheet count To get a husband in discount . She invests herself in a man To find companion if she can, Her feelings freeze, Catering to new needs. Stupid Woman! A husband she bought To get herself caught, In a web to consort, A man not of her sort. From ‘Serenading...

unknown destination


A girl was sitting in the train, She had the look of a strain And had the prick of a thorn, In her talk, a mentally worn, People had the right to censure, Enjoyed humiliating laughter. She was a rape victim, Before, in a school was innocent, She was friendly with a guy, She didn’t know why. He offered her something to eat, To let her off in the street. She did not understand, What to her...

amorous nature


Arresting attention, Captive eye, Arresting affection, Allusive tie, Amorous dreams, Sparkling light, A triggered night, Rain of kisses, Cheeks subtle and shining, A glowing fire To enrich body and soul, Mingled for chain of creation.

From Serenading Poems Part one

summer in new york


Patches of blue and white, Slices of sunshine right, Into the branches which shake, Leaves in dance does make, A rustling sound in summer breeze, People on the way are seized, By a desire to have a gaze, At the green leaves in a maze, Spring has for music set a stage, Persons to enjoy of all age, People in colorful hues, Go into the summer new.

From ‘Serenading Poems Part one’

an unabated run


Human is a can of corruption, Crowned by the glory of caption, A tool for peace is treaty, Moving towards a hell of retreat. By isles of missiles, Is the world cornered. Asunder are hills and rivers, In world of feather and nether. Religion is a curse for divinity, Framed in a search for calamity, The big oil of computer, Spills over the workers. With unabated breath, Humans throng to death While...



The silky saline water of the seas, Gets into the fishy groves in earth, Filling cavities, forming the beauty store, Lashing the store, forming a shapely surf. Nature’s gift the water is, In body of beings it is blood, From the grey clouds it is shed As water to which we are chained, When it melts, it is drained, During floods, death is rained. Water is an omnipotent force, Gliding and...

published poems of serenading poems part one- ‘whereto’


A train journey is the journey of life. The journey of life has a destination, waiting. ‘Whereto’ In semblance a chain, Is moving the train, With its inside clustered, Leaving many bewildered. The crust so irregular and heavy, Craggy, fumy and snowy, The time changed, To moments engrained. The zigzag move thrilling, With the hillocks retreating, The gliding move flitting, To challenge...

last video on ‘ripples roping memories’


Hello! Wishing you all a happy new year. This is the last video on ‘Ripples Roping Memories’ Back home, Rani spends her time with her maternal cousins. She goes to Bhima park, plays cricket and watches beauty of the wild forest. Monaco circus have pitched their tent in Pehrauli. Rani, her brothers and sisters and Karnesh buy tickets and enter the circus tent. Western music is...

video on the middle of chapter nine of ‘ripples roping memories’


Hello! Wishing you all a happy vacation. A video on the middle of chapter nine of ‘Ripples Roping Memories’ is presented by me. Rani returns home. Dad comes to receive her at the station. On the day of exam, Rani remains cool. Hari, as usual sells her text books. Rani pays money to get her text books from Chitragaon Book Depot. The exam center is at Vanavli. There is tight security...

video on the beginning of chapter nine of ‘ripples roping memories’


Hello everybody! Best of wishes for the Christmas season. Here is a video on the beginning of chapter nine of ‘Ripples Roping Memories’. Rani prepares for High School Board Examination with renewed vigor. The house is in a cluttered state. She reads for the exam pacing the room and the balcony. She stamps or kicks things which come in her way. Hari pilfers her text books and sells it...

Usha Raman