a dog


The day yet to open an account, In the early hours played a truant.

Out of winter darkness, a dog leaped, My mind in thought steeped.

It raised its paws in glee, I paused the fear in me.

It wanted something I ought to know, Was it a hug or food for now?

I gave the dog a pat on his back, With that he was taken aback.

He fled for nowhere to be seen, In the dark lone winter screen.

Involved in my duty and home, I had no time for love alone.

I wished I could give him to eat, Something he could regard as a treat.

I wanted to look at him with wonder, Of a soul which understands another.

But I left him in the dark, To my duty did I walk.

( Video of this poem can be viewed on You Tube by typing ‘ Serenading Poems Part One’)

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By Usha Raman

Usha Raman