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A video of the poem, ‘Way to the real’

Hello! A nice day to you all. In our search for truth, there are many impediments which block our path to realization. The poem is ‘Way to the Real’

Floats of falsity in mind, Blocks the way to truth, A real serpentine quest, Puts me in a trough of rewind.

The low looking hole in mind, Betrays faith and duplicity haunts. Vision of a travelling kind, Is it true or false? The question baulks, To attain a clear crystal rock Of truth to lay my faith on.

Stability has a stagger, It writhes, slips and regains, The bloating mind, serpentine, Consciousness trips into falsity, Makes a trip to banality, The rope of reason is weak, To control thoughts that creak, The ever-evolving cosmos, Vibrating truth, falsity and all, The emanating visions, Can it be serpentine block Or the way to the real?

Meet you again with another poem from ‘Serenading Poems Part One’ I would like you to comment on this poem. Thank you.

( Video of this poem is available on You Tube by typing ‘Serenading Poems Part One’)

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