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Hello! Wishing you all a pleasant spring season. Here I am with a video of a poem from ‘Serenading Poems Part one’ The poem is about the working of the mind. Title of the poem is ‘Mental Storm’

Let truth glitter in the wardrobe Of mind which seeks to probe Universe in all its store, Falsity and fear bog the mind, It slips into past unwind, A roaring fear batters the mind, Which rages into a mental storm.

So uncertain is time and goal, World of humans is a shoal Of doubts, scheming thefts, bottling Money, filth and sham, wriggling The mind into boiling pustules.

Thoughts reverberate and visions topple, The world in ruin wobbles, Toppling mind senses its beats, A sinister mouse shrieks! Blood runs on horrible streets. But when truth comes, River of visions stop, Falsity finds its way out, A pleasant bracing peace, Covers the mind in leash.

I hope you have liked this poem. I come again with another poem, till then happy spring and goodbye!

( Video can be viewed on You tube by typing ‘Serenading Poems Part one’)

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