sting me not


Hello! Wishing you all that is good. I am here with a video of a poem. The title of the poem is ‘Sting Me Not’

Life! sting me not with bites, I have suffered many nights, When will your trial end? When will you be a friend? Do not tear me with spite, For I am as frail as a kite, If you lead me, I will be grateful, When you for me will be fruitful, I will treat you on good terms, If you give me a good turn, Do not squander my mind, I have treasure to find.

Let the scent of the morning breeze, Take me to a fresh crease, Which will renew my needs, Life will then be a fresh feed.

Thank you for listening. I come again with another poem from ‘Serenading Poems Part One’. Till then goodbye!

( Video can be viewed on You Tube by typing ‘ Serenading Poems Part One’)

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