video of the poem, ‘the womb’s grief’


Hello! My respect to all mothers of the world who are the abode of comfort and love. The title of the poem is ‘ The Womb’s Grief’

A mother is a state of being, Affection in her blood of making, She lives, bears, nurses in love The child she raises like dove, Her happy smiles reflect, Her love laid in perfect, She is a flood of emotion, Revels the wonder of creation.

The death of her loved one Gives a shock to her being, She wavers, shivers, deflects, The blood in her simply sets, The clogged mind cannot move, It is stuck in a groove, A tomb is her womb, With no protective room, For the body of her son Death took past the glen, Drained is her happiness, Sinking to nothingness, She pines, repines and sulks, Like an abandoned ship which hulks, She cries, bursts into tears, A wreck, a total wreck Is the mother’s womb.

I hope you have appreciated the poem. I come again with another poem from ‘Serenading Poems Part One’ Till then, goodbye!

( Video can be viewed on You Tube by typing ‘Serenading Poems Part One’)

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